Begins June 20th, 2022

School Ambassador

The Granite State Games are searching for School Ambassadors to help promote the Games within their school and community. This opportunity allows students to:

  • Gain excellent experience that will help to build their resume and improve their college application
  • Learn about Marketing and Sports Management prior to entering college
  • Receive excellent prizes for meeting participation goals
  • Fulfill volunteer hours for clubs, teams, classes, and school

School Ambassador Responsibilities:

  • Actively promote and market the Granite State Games to fellow students and the school community
  • Ensure that Granite State Games promotional materials are displayed and distributed in the proper manner within your school
  • Make presentations about the Granite State Games at Fall, Winter, and Spring sports meetings in your school
  • Meet with athletic coaches within your school, and present information about the Granite State Games
  • Promote the benefits of participation in the Granite State Games to athletes within the school
  • Communicate with Granite State Games staff about the progress of ongoing promotions
  • Aggressively promote Granite State Games social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Create effective ways to promote the Granite State Games brand

Action Plan:

Student ambassadors will be competing against each other to gain the most hype on social media and overall awareness of the games.

Ambassadors are encouraged to be as creative as possible to best promote the games. Ideas range from YouTube videos promoting their regional team(s); meet with their school’s administration, coaches and captains; utilize their school’s social media accounts, newspapers, and other media outlets; hang up posters; etc.

The ambassador who displays the most leadership, team/regional pride and creativity, will win GSG swag and have an opportunity for a scholarship; not to mention play a key role in the Opening Ceremony by carrying the “flag” for their region.

School Ambassador Qualifications:

  • A student and athlete at a New Hampshire High School
  • Outgoing, self-motivated, hardworking, and willing to actively engage students in Granite State Games promotions
  • Ability to use social media to promote the Granite State Games brand
  • Basic understanding of business and marketing principles

Benefits of Becoming a School Ambassador:

  • Great volunteer work to include on a college application
  • Excellent resume builder
  • Prizes for reaching participation goals including apparel, gift cards, Granite State Games entry fee waiver, and more
  • Fulfill volunteer requirements for clubs, teams, projects, etc
  • Gain experience in the competitive Sports Management and Marketing industries prior to entering college

Ambassadors are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Games.

Interested? Email us at: