Begins June 20th, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Granite State Games?

The Granite State Games are an annual event, taking place at the end of June in different locations across the state of New Hampshire.

The Granite State Games are a multi-sport, Olympic-style event featuring select amateur athletes in the state of New Hampshire. Following the Olympic pattern, there is an Opening Ceremony with teams then playing each region once in a round-robin tournament and then the medal rounds.

Why should my son/daughter participate in the Granite State Games?

1) GSG’s mission is to promote competitive excellence by providing an athletic forum for athletes to display their talent, ability to work as a team, and their ambition to become a champion. We are looking for athletes that have proven their abilities to excel on and off the field. We place a premium on character, self-esteem and confidence by stressing the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The Granite State Games are breaking down high school rivalry barriers and creating life long friendships.

2) GSG is working very closely with the NHIAA and their bi-laws in order to preserve player’s high school eligibility.

3) The Granite State Games are not a club so your child can still participate in his/her school, town, and/or club team(s). This event will only take place over the course of a long weekend so the commitment is minimal.

4) GSG’s fees to participate are a fraction of what it costs to play on a club or premier team.

5) New England college coaches will be in attendance scouting NH’s top talent in their respected sport.

6) The Granite State Games are local, you don’t need to travel out of state for great competition and college level exposure.

7) GSG will donate 70% of the proceeds back into the NH community via scholarships, donations and grants while the other 30% will help pay for the overhead and creation of the Games.

8) GSG has $4000 set aside, $1000 per region ($500 for a male and $500 for a female), for selected participants based on their athletic ability, academics, and overall character both on the field and off.

9) Regional pride!

Who can compete in the Granite State Games?

Eligibility requirements may vary for each sport competition. To determine who can compete, please check the sport-specific page for information.

How does one register for the Granite State Games?

To register for Granite State Games, please fill out the registration form found on our website. Athletes are advised to register as early as possible to ensure they are able to compete in The Games.

How much does it cost to register?

Granite State Games is proud to offer high-quality, Olympic-style competitions at affordable rates. Our registration fees may vary by sport. For the exact tryout or qualifier fees and finalist fees, please check the sports-specific page for information.

Is medical coverage provided at Granite State Games?

All athletes are required to provide their own personal medical insurance but GSG does carry a 1 million dollar master policy.

What is the refund policy?

  • Inclement weather. All competitions will be conducted unless the staff of Granite State Games declares conditions potentially dangerous. Granite State Games has little or no rain dates. Due to this limitation, games lost due to inclement weather will be cancelled, and are unlikely to be rescheduled. No refunds will be issued if events are cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • Individual or team cancellation. No refunds will be issued if either an individual or team cancels without notice.
  • Injury or illness. If an athlete misses the competition due to an illness or injury, a deferral certificate may be issued as credit for future Granite State Games participation should a physician’s note be provided to verify the illness or injury. Athletes participating in an individual sport event will not be issued a cash refund if they miss the competition due to illness or injury. Athletes participating in a team sport may be issued a refund only if that athlete is replaced on the team roster. A written request for refund of a team sport finalist fee must be received prior to the start.