Begins June 14th, 2021


The 2021 game schedule is available here. Click here for the 2019 results!

Granite State Games Softball


NHTI, Concord
June 14-17, 2021


To compete, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  1. Athlete must be entering 7th grade in the fall up to graduating seniors
  2. Athlete must be under the age of 19 as of July 1
  3. Athlete must also meet at least one of the following criteria: a. Athlete is a full-time resident of New Hampshire b. Athlete is a full-time student at a recognized academic institution in the region

Regional Teams

Tryouts will be held for softball and the athletes chosen during the tryouts will have the honor of representing their region in a highly competitive round-robin tournament. There are four regions represented in the Granite State Games:

  • Region 1: Lakes
  • Region 2: Southern
  • Region 3: Coastal
  • Region 4: Monadnock

Don’t know what region you are in? Click here to determine your region.


There will not be a tryout so any interested player, please contact our director directly.


Director: Stacy Boyden,

All athletes receive top-notch coaching throughout the tournament.

  • Lakes Region: Jen Boyden (Bow HS)
  • Southern Region: Kevin Handy (Head Coach at Nashua South HS) /
  • Coastal Region: Mark McGuire (Portsmouth Christian Academy)
  • Monadnock Region: Peter Vearling (Keene HS) and Chad Beede (Monadnock HS)


Tryout Fee:

  • FREE

Finalist Fee: For athletes who qualify

  • $175 Payment which includes Dri-fit numbered jersey!

Tournament Format

Regional Round Robin Play 90 minute games, no new inning will begin at the 90 minute mark, games can end in a tie, offensive innings will be 5 runs or three outs whichever comes first, free substitutions, bat 11 (9, Flex & EH), all other rules will be govern by NFHS Softball. Medal Round Games will be played by NFHS Softball rules and played until there is a winner.

Entry Gate Fee: $10 per adult for a weekend pass; $5 with student ID; 14 and under free