Begins June 18th, 2018


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Granite State Games Softball


Southern New Hampshire University
Derryfield School
June 18-21, 2018


To compete, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  1. Athlete must be entering 7th grade in the fall up to graduating seniors
  2. Athlete must be under the age of 19 as of July 1
  3. Athlete must also meet at least one of the following criteria: a. Athlete is a full-time resident of New Hampshire b. Athlete is a full-time student at a recognized academic institution in the region

Regional Teams

Tryouts will be held for softball and the athletes chosen during the tryouts will have the honor of representing their region in a highly competitive round-robin tournament. There are four regions represented in the Granite State Games:

  • Region 1: Lakes
  • Region 2: Southern
  • Region 3: Coastal
  • Region 4: Monadnock

Don’t know what region you are in? Click here to determine your region.


April 15
Bishop Guertin HS field house, Nashua (Lund Rd)

Lakes and Monadnock
February 11
Belmont HS


All athletes receive top-notch coaching throughout the tournament.

  • Lakes Region: Rick Ladd (Coe Brown Academy), and Dave Allis (Coe Brown)
  • Southern Region: Leah Maciejewski (Head Coach at BG HS)
  • Coastal Region: Mike Vining (Head Coach at Great Bay CC)
  • Monadnock Region: Sam McNeel (Head Coach at Newport High School)


Tryout Fee:

  • FREE

Finalist Fee: For athletes who qualify

  • $130 Payment
  • Includes Dri-fit numbered jersey!

Tournament Format

Regional Round Robin Play 90 minute games, no new inning will begin at the 90 minute mark, games can end in a tie, offensive innings will be 5 runs or three outs whichever comes first, free substitutions, bat 11 (9, Flex & EH), all other rules will be govern by NFHS Softball. Medal Round Games will be played by NFHS Softball rules and played until there is a winner.

Entry Gate Fee: $10 per adult for a weekend pass; $5 with student ID; 14 and under free Commemorative Games T-Shirt: $15 Commemorative Games Sweatshirt: $30